Exo-Terra Thermostat 300w Dim/Pulse Prop

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Introducing the ExoTerra Thermostat 300w Dim/Pulse Prop. A cutting-edge solution for precise temperature control in your terrarium or vivarium. Designed with the needs of terrarium enthusiasts and reptile keepers in mind, this advanced thermostat ensures the perfect climate for your exotic pets while promoting energy efficiency.

The Exo-Terra Thermostat 300W with Dimming/Pulse Proportional capabilities is designed to provide precise temperature control in reptile habitats, accommodating up to 300 watts of heating devices. This advanced thermostat allows for either dimming or pulse proportional control, enabling users to fine-tune the heating elements to create the ideal thermal environment for their pets, mimicking natural temperature fluctuations found in the wild. Its ability to adjust the power output to heaters gradually prevents temperature spikes, ensuring the safety and comfort of reptile and amphibian inhabitants by maintaining a stable and consistent habitat.

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