Tank Bred Clown - Maroon Gold Nugget

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Premnas biaculeatus
Care: Beginner
Diet: Omnivorous
Light: Medium
Place of origin: Cultured

The Tank Bred Maroon Gold Nugget Clownfish is a spectacular and unique addition to the marine aquarium world. This variety captivates with its deep maroon base colour, beautifully contrasted by vibrant gold and white patterning that resembles gold nuggets, making each individual fish a standout in any aquarium. These clownfish are tank bred, which typically ensures a smoother adjustment to aquarium conditions and a more resilient nature. They are known for their bold and engaging personalities, adding not just visual splendor but also lively activity to the tank. The Maroon Gold Nugget Clownfish can grow to be quite sizable and, while generally peaceful, they may require careful consideration of tank mates due to their assertive nature. Perfect for aquarists looking to add a touch of luxury and dynamic behaviour to their setup, these clownfish are a truly stunning and rewarding species to keep.

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