T5 Twin Controller, 54w

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The Reptile Systems T5 Twin Controller, with a capacity for 54w bulbs, is an essential piece of equipment for advanced reptile lighting setups. Designed to efficiently power two T5 fluorescent lamps simultaneously, this controller is ideal for larger or more complex terrariums that require extensive lighting. It provides stable and reliable performance, ensuring that your reptiles receive the optimal lighting necessary for their health and well-being, particularly in environments where UVB exposure is crucial. The twin controller's design allows for easy setup and operation, offering flexibility in managing lighting conditions. Its robust construction ensures durability and long-term use, making it a practical and reliable choice for reptile enthusiasts looking to create a well-lit, healthy habitat for their pets.

• Easy to install.
• High quality electronic ballast.
• Can work with two T5 lamps.
• On / off switch.
• No blinking. Effectively reduces tension and stress on reptiles.
• The tips have long power cords.
• Ideal for use with a Reptile Systems tube or other fluorescent lamp.

Weight 0.94 kg
Dimensions 86 × 103 × 434 mm

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