Soldier Fish

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Care: Intermediate
Diet: Carnivorous
Light: Medium
Place of origin: Western Indian Ocean

The Soldier Fish, known for its striking appearance and nocturnal habits, is a fascinating species in the marine aquarium hobby. This fish, typically characterised by its vibrant red or orange color and large, expressive eyes, is a member of the family Holocentridae. It's particularly active at night, coming out of hiding to feed on small invertebrates and plankton. During the day, the Soldier Fish tends to seek shelter in caves or crevices within the reef. In aquarium settings, this species requires an environment with plenty of hiding spots to mimic its natural habitat and reduce stress. The Soldier Fish is generally peaceful towards other tank mates, making it a compatible addition to many community aquariums. It's appreciated not just for its bold colouration, but also for adding a dynamic aspect to the tank, especially after lights out, showcasing the diverse and intriguing behaviours of marine life.

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