Solarmeter 6.2R UVB Radiometer

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Solarmeter Specifications Radiometer Model 6.2 Irrad. Range 0-1999 µW/cm² UVB Response 280-320 nm Resolution 1 µW/cm² Conv. Rate 3.0 Readings/Sec Display 3.5 Digit LCD Digit Size 0.4 inch high Oper. Temp 32° F TO 90° F Oper. Humid. 5% TO 80% RH Accuracy ±10% REF.NIST Dimensions (in.) 4.2L x 2.4W x 0.9D (in.) Weight 4.5 OZ. (incl. batt.) Power Source 9-Volt DC Battery Lens UV Glass Diffuser Virgin Teflon .003

The Solarmeter 6.2R UVB Radiometer is a specialised device designed for accurately measuring UVB light levels, a critical aspect in the care of reptiles and amphibians. This precision instrument is essential for ensuring that these sensitive creatures are exposed to the right amount of UVB radiation, which is vital for their health, particularly for the synthesis of Vitamin D3 and calcium metabolism. The Solarmeter 6.2R is highly valued by reptile enthusiasts, veterinarians, and zookeepers for its ease of use, reliability, and compact design, allowing for quick and accurate readings in various settings. By providing precise UVB level measurements, it assists in creating optimal lighting conditions within terrariums and vivariums, ensuring the well-being and longevity of the animals under care. This radiometer is a crucial tool for anyone committed to maintaining the highest standard of habitat for UVB-dependent species.

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