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Snapper - Emperor

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Snapper - Emperor

Lutjanus sebae
Care: Intermediate
Diet: Carnivorous
Light: Medium
Place of origin: Western Pacific

The Emperor Snapper is a striking and large species of fish, known for its impressive size and vivid, colourful patterning. Found in tropical waters, this snapper is characterised by its strong, robust body and a colouration that typically includes shades of red, pink, and yellow with distinctive blue stripes and spots. As juveniles, they exhibit more vibrant and intricate patterns, which gradually change as they mature. The Emperor Snapper, due to its size, requires a spacious marine environment and is a popular choice for public aquariums and experienced hobbyists with large home aquariums. This species is omnivorous, feeding on a diet of smaller fish, crustaceans, and mollusks. They are known for their curious and somewhat bold nature, often becoming a dominant presence in their aquatic habitat. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Emperor Snappers contribute to the diversity and dynamism of marine ecosystems, showcasing the natural beauty and complexity of oceanic life.

3 cm.

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