Single Union Threaded Male to Plain Female

Size: 1.5" Thread to 1.5" Pipe
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The Single Union Threaded Male to Plain Female fitting is a versatile and essential component in various plumbing and piping systems. This type of fitting is designed to provide a reliable connection between a male threaded pipe and a female plain pipe, ensuring a secure and leak-proof joint. The single union feature allows for easy installation and disassembly, making maintenance and adjustments more convenient. Typically constructed from durable materials like PVC or metal, it is resistant to corrosion and can withstand high pressures and a range of temperatures. This fitting is commonly used in both residential and commercial settings, including water supply, irrigation, and industrial applications. Its straightforward design and functionality make it a fundamental part of ensuring the efficiency and longevity of a piping system, offering a simple yet effective solution for connecting different types of pipes.

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