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What is Saki Hikari Deep Red?

Saki Hikari Deep Red is an ultra-premium Koi pellet designed to offer a uniquely balanced diet, rich in colour-enhancing vitamins specifically designed to enhance deep red colours in Koi. Perhaps the most exciting part of Koi care is watching your fish develop vibrant colours. This food helps to unlock your Koi's potential with an extreme colour enhancing effect derived from fish oil, dried seaweed meal and wheat germ meal, all high in colour-enhancing carotenoid pigments.

This pellet also features everything you would expect from a Saki Hikari Koi feed, including an impeccable balance of nutrition, a probiotic enhancing diet and plenty of nutrients to support immune system health. With a variety of floating pellet sizes available, this specialised formulation is ideal for all Koi.

What are Koi hiban and shiroji?

The hiban and shiroji of a Koi refer to patches of colour. A hiban is a patch of red on your koi and a shiroji is a patch of white. Saki Hikari Deep Red is a supplemental floating diet intended to bring out the contrast between the hiban and shiroji of your Koi creating incredibly vibrant specimens. This scientifically formulated diet has been designed for competition Koi, who are often judged on the colour and vibrancy of their hiban.

What are the benefits of Saki Hikari Deep Red floating Koi food?

Saki Hikari Deep Red Koi food contains an exact quantity of select, pure-cultured spirulina which is naturally enriched with high levels of carotenoids. These carotenoids will help your koi develop more rapid colouration, and reduce the likelihood of discolouration.

This feed also features Hikari Germ, a naturally occurring microorganism that helps to improve Koi health and development, ideal for any contest Koi. Saki Hikari Deep Red reconditions waste into smaller particles so your filter can more easily handle it, which can improve overall water quality, filter effectiveness, and reduce the frequency of regular pond maintenance.

What is the best way to feed my Koi Saki Hikari Deep Red?

For a complete diet, you should use Saki Hikari Deep Red as a supplemental feed alongside other Saki Hikari products. While Saki Hikari Deep Red contains all the basic nutrition your Koi requires, a varied diet will offer your Koi a rich assortment of the key vitamins and proteins recommended to help Koi develop. Deep Red is a supplementary food and exclusively feeding it could cause some discolouration of the white areas, shiroji, of your Koi over time.

It is best to feed your Koi Saki Hikari Deep Red at a water temperature of 20ºC or above. In these temperatures, the uniquely blended ingredient mix with draft ingredients like the pure cultured Spirulina will work most effectively to enhance the colour of your Koi.

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