Exo-Terra Reptile UVB 200 Tube 38-40W 42in.

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The Exo-Terra Reptile UVB 200 Tube 38-40W 42in is the most potent option in the Exo-Terra lineup, designed to deliver exceptionally high levels of UVB radiation suitable for reptiles that thrive in extremely UV-intense environments like deserts. This extensive 42-inch tube, with its 38-40W power, provides unparalleled coverage and UVB distribution within large terrariums, ensuring that desert and other high-UVB-requirement species receive the necessary exposure for healthy calcium metabolism and vitamin D3 synthesis. It is an essential tool for recreating the harsh, sunlit conditions of natural desert habitats in captivity, promoting the health and vitality of reptiles accustomed to high UVB environments.

Reptile UVB200 (New high powered) T8/26mm Tube 1050mm – 42

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