Zoo-Med Repti-Sand Desert White, 4.5Kg

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The Zoo-Med Repti-Sand Desert White, in a 4.5kg package, is a premium substrate choice for creating an authentic desert environment in reptile enclosures. This fine, white sand offers a naturalistic and visually appealing look, closely resembling the sandy habitats of many desert-dwelling reptiles. Its texture supports natural behaviors like digging and burrowing, essential for the well-being and enrichment of your pets. The Repti-Sand is free from dyes and chemicals, making it a safe option for your reptiles. It's particularly favored for species that thrive in arid conditions, as it helps replicate their natural habitat, promoting a healthy and stress-free living space. The Zoo-Med Repti-Sand Desert White is an excellent choice for pet owners seeking to provide a realistic and engaging desert landscape for their reptilian companions.

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