Reef Zlements Z-PHPlus Complete PART 2 ONLY- 2.5L

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Reef Zlements Z-PHPlus Complete PART 2 ONLY- 2.5L

A complete 2 Part dosing system which significantly enhances your aquarium pH, inorganic and ionically balanced, Z-pHplus contains all main Macro, Micro and Trace elements your corals need to thrive:

  • Z-pHplus allows you to provide your reef aquarium with optimal amounts of Alkalinity and Calcium whilst significantly increasing your tank's pH.
  • Z-pHplus dosed as recommended will maintain your aquarium's ionic balance.
  • ?Z-pHplus supplies your reef with boron, bromide, calcium, chloride, chromium, fluoride, iodine, lithium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulphate, strontium, and many other important trace elements in a level optimised for a high pH environment.
  • Z-pHplus can increase coral growth by 2x other dosing methods, nonetheless increased dosing consumption is to be expected.
  • Tests have proven that Z-pHplus is more effective than Kalkwasser or CO2 scrubbers at raising pH.
  • If your tank has a pH of 8.15 or below  Z-pHplus is the best dosing solution for your tank. 
Part 1

10.000 dKH per litre
10 ml raises alkalinity in 100 litres of water by 1dKH
Ion balancing elements
Substantially raises pH and supports coral health and growth 

Part 2:
71.000 ppm of Ca per litre
Magnesium supplementation
Micro and trace elements in a ratio that optimises coral growth in a high pH environment

No 2 part system can ensure 100% elemental supply however, Z-pHplus has high levels of Macro, Micro and Trace elements reducing the need of additional dosing.
Z-pHplus is an inorganic system that is better complemented with inorganic elements and supplemented with organic nutrients.

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