ProRep Beetle Grub 1

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Elevate your beetle breeding with ProRep Beetle Grub 1, a specialised food designed for the thriving growth of beetle larvae. This unique formula contains white fungus, essential for converting undigestible cellulose and lignin into nourishment that beetle larvae can easily consume. Ensuring your larvae get the right diet, ProRep Beetle Grub 1 is made from a mix of mature broadleaf tree leaf litter, tailored to meet the specific dietary requirements of various beetle species.


ProRep Beetle Grub 1 stands out with its commitment to larvae health. Its preparation includes hardwood chips infused with white fungus, creating a rich and nutritious substrate. This thoughtful blend is not just a meal but a vital part of the lifecycle of your beetles, supporting their development from larvae to adulthood. The product is easy to use and can be integrated seamlessly into your beetle breeding routine.

Designed for beetle breeders and enthusiasts, ProRep Beetle Grub 1 is more than just food; it's a key element in ensuring the healthy growth and development of your beetles. It's a professional choice for those serious about beetle care, offering peace of mind that your larvae are getting the best possible nutrition

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