Oase Eco Satellite Strainer

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What is an Oase Satellite Strainer?

An Oase Eco Satellite Strainer is an attachment to the secondary inlet on your pump that will suck in and strain the water from another part of your pond.

Why buy an Oase Satellite Strainer?

The Oase Satellite Strainer can be set up anywhere in your pond, so you can target dead spots where there's less flow or debris is collecting. The strainer will create a direct intake into your pump, creating flow in that area of your pond.

How do I install the Oase Satellite Strainer?

The Oase Satellite Strainer attaches via a flexi hose that can connect to either 25mm, 32mm or 38mm pipework.

Does the Oase Satellite Strainer use more power?

No, the Oase Satellite Strainer makes use of your pumps secondary inlet without using any more power than usual.

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