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The Oase Aquarius Fountain Sets range includes various models to suit everything from small water features, to garden pond fountains, and features and watercourses. They are backed by an impressive three-year guarantee, have a 2.90 m maximum head height and range between 720-4000 lph flow rate.

The Oase Aquarius Fountain Sets have low running costs thanks to the economical pump technology and come with various fixtures and fittings, including fountain heads and telescopic height adjustment. Each submersible fountain pond pump in the Aquarius Fountain Sets range comes with base footings for stable positioning on the pond floor and has a second, separately adjustable outlet, to enable the Aquarius to feed a small watercourse or feature at the same time as producing a fountain as well as integrated thermo protection.

These fountain pond pumps are equipped with an optimised nozzle holder for smooth, even water patterns. The large flat head creates a bell-shaped Lava effect fountain while the dome-shaped head creates the Magma effect fountain. The head with the serrated edge creates the Vulcan effect.

To change the fountainhead, disconnect the power supply, unscrew the fountainhead from the fountainhead base and replace with the desired nozzle. If you wish to use the second outlet, screw the thread adapter onto the second outlet then screw the stepped hosetail onto the adapter. Depending on the hose diameter being used, the stepped hosetail should be cut down to the relevant size to avoid any frictional loss.

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