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Microbe Lift Nutripack 4litre - Like all living organisms, the beneficial micro-organisms in MICROBE-LIFT and other MICROBE-LIFT bacterial products need minerals and essential trace elements in order to function optimally. While only required in very small amounts, if lacking, these micro nutrients can reduce the benefits you realize from any bacterial additives you use as well as any indigenous beneficial micro-organisms in your pond.

MICROBE-LIFT Nutri-Pack contains the full complement of essential minerals and micro nutrients required by almost all beneficial micro-organisms, especially nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria. By assuring that these beneficial micro-organisms are not deficient in any essential minerals or micro nutrients, the beneficial bacteria and other micro-organisms in your pond will function optimally in all types of environments and

MICROBE-LIFT Nutri-Pack does not contain bacterial cultures.

  • Will not harm plants or fish.
  • Ready to Use .
  • Optimizes function of most beneficial bacteria, including nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria.
  • Supplies co-factors that enhance activity of enzymes produced by micro-organisms.
  • Non-toxic.

Dosage: Ponds up to 6m³: 200 ml a week, 6-10m³: 35ml per m³/week,
10-100 m³: 25 ml per m³/week, > 100m³: 20 ml per m³/week.
* Ask for availability.

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