ProRep Infrared Spot Lamp 150w ES

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ProRep Infrared Lamps (150w-ES) have been developed specifically for use with reptiles. Made with a specially sourced red glass to filter out as much of the visible light spectrum as possible these lamps have been developed for reptiles that do not require much visible light such as crepuscular species. ProRep Infrared Lamps provide heat in the form of infrared to warm enclosures during periods that do not require much visible light. Select the appropriate lamp for the set up you are trying to create and ensure the wattage is correct for the animal, enclosure size and construction. Use in the approved fitting of the correct type. Mount the lamp directly above the basking site approximately one third from the end of the tank to create a temperature gradient allowing natural thermo-regulatory behaviour. The use of a dimming thermostat is highly recommended to prevent overheating. This product must be used with an appropriate lamp guard to ensure the animal does not come into contact with the lamp which will result in the animal getting burnt. Always use with a heater guard. Ensure the electricity supply is switched off. Check that the lamp type and wattage is compatible with the fitting. Allow the lamp to cool down before handling. If in any doubt about the product, please contact ProRep customer services for further advice or consult a qualified electrician. Please dispose of lamps and packaging in a responsible manner. Does not emit UVB

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