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ELEMENTALS TRACE Cu is a high purity copper solution used for compensating copper deficiencies in reef aquariums.


The Elementals series is designed for use with regular ICP analysis. The Fauna Marin ICP analyzes help you to supply your aquarium perfectly. In addition to the measured values, Fauna Marin ICP analyzes also provide you with all the necessary dosage recommendations. In addition to the salts of the bulk elements calcium, magnesium and carbonate hardness, we also offer a range of special trace elements whose function in seawater aquariums is essential. In contrast to bulk elements such as calcium, magnesium or potassium, trace elements are elements that are present in seawater in concentrations of less than 1 mg/l. These include e.g. B. copper, chromium, manganese or selenium, but also iron, iodine or zinc.

The function of trace elements can be very different. In the knowledge base on the Fauna Marin website you will find an overview of the respective function of each element. Trace elements can be contained in many different substances and thus also get into the aquarium water; their lack, however, can cause considerable problems despite their low necessary concentration in the water. An adequate supply of all important trace elements is therefore essential for a healthy reef aquarium.

Our individual element solutions consist of the purest raw materials, which are manufactured with the corresponding organic or inorganic compounds depending on the function of the elements. We use our coral farm and of course our own ICP laboratory for production and quality control.

Dosage :
  • 1 ml Elementals Trace Cu per 100 liters daily = +1  µg copper per liter
Dosing instructions :
  • Maximum daily dose + 2  µg copper per liter
Ingredients :
  • water
  • organic and inorganic copper salts
  • stabilisers

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