Exo-Terra Compact Top Canopy 45cm

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The Exo-Terra Compact Top Canopy, measuring 45cm in width, is an adaptable lighting enclosure designed to support the health and growth of terrarium-dwelling reptiles and amphibians by accommodating various compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs. Its streamlined design ensures a perfect fit on similar-sized Exo-Terra terrariums, providing essential UVB and UVA lighting while also enhancing the visual appeal of the habitat with its sleek, integrated appearance.

Fits the 45x45x45cm or 45x45x60cm Terrariums. Takes 2 compact fluorescent bulbs. The Exo Terra Compact Top Canopy is a compact fluorescent terrarium canopy designed for use with the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium. This easy-to-install canopy accommodates compact fluorescent bulbs or low wattage incandescent bulbs. A combination of two different Exo Terra Repti Glo compact fluorescent bulbs can be used (PT-2226-2227) to create the ideal ultraviolet/visual light ratio or a combination with an incandescent light source such as the Exo Terra Sun Glo to increase the ambient air-temperature. Optional accessories such as the Exo Terra Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer and the Exo Terra Thermostat and Hygrostat can be slid into the special sliding rim on the top of the canopy.

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