Burtons Three-Tier Poly Shower - 1m

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Burtons Three Tier Poly Shower 1m is a high-quality, efficient biological filter system designed to enhance pond water quality. Crafted from durable materials to UK standards, this large plastic shower unit measures 1m in width and height and 33cm in depth, providing substantial space for your chosen media. It is designed for use with a 2in spray bar (not included) and includes a lid and weir outlet for optimal functionality. The shower filters are effective either as a standalone biological filter or as an additional filter, especially in systems with higher stocking density or increased feeding rates. By showering the pond water over the media, the system significantly improves the dissolved oxygen content and aids in gassing off carbon dioxide. The product's dimensions allow for a flow rate of up to 25,000 max, with the capability to hold up to 50kg of media, making it an excellent choice for maintaining healthy and clear pond water.

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