Burtons TF-500 Pond Drum Through-Flow Filter

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The Burtons TF-700 Pond Drum Through-Flow Filter is an innovative solution for maintaining optimal water quality in larger ponds. This filter includes a 60-micron screen and a weatherproof auto control box with a convenient socket panel, simplifying the installation of UVs and pumps. It boasts an increased number of inlets and outlets, enhancing water circulation and waste management efficiency.

The design incorporates a waste chute with additional cleaning tips to prevent clogging, and a safety cover switch that automatically cuts power to the drum motor and UVs when opened. Energy efficiency is a key feature, with low power consumption during both standby and cleaning modes. The filter is pre-fitted with a low wattage wash pump and is compatible with both gravity-fed and pump-fed systems.

It can also accommodate additional UV units inside the filter, helping in algae control and reducing maintenance needs. This filter is a blend of practicality and performance, designed to provide reliable and effective pond filtration.

    • As standard in the Burtons range, these drums come with a 60-micron screen, and a weatherproof auto control box, which now comes complete with our socket panel as standard which means you can just simply plug your UV and pumps straight in to the sockets for easy installation. 
    • Our through-flow TF drum filters feature more inlets and outlets than our standard range.
    • They have 3 x 110mm inlets on the front and the back, and 2 x 110mm outlets on either side of the drum.
    • The waste chute also features an additional 2 cleaning tips to avoid build-up of waste in the internal end of the chute.
    • This drum filter is fitted with a cover switch, which cuts power to the drum motor and UVs when the lid is lifted off.
    • Low wattage wash pump included and pre fitted.
    • Installation height above water level is 25cm.
    • 2 x 30-watt Uvs can be added. Our drums are all designed to have Uvs fitted inside the filter. As well as stopping green water Uvs inside the drum help keep the drum screen clean resulting in less cleaning cycles. If the correct size Uv is added there’s no need for additional Uvs to be fitted to your pond.
    • Suitable for flow rates up to 55,000lph for gravity fed systems and 40,000lph for pump fed systems.
    • Low energy consumption 1.3watts in standby mode and 200 watts when cleaning.
    • (WHL) 658 x 740 x 990 (MM).

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