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Burning Ember Fungia Coral

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Burning Ember Fungia Coral

The Burning Ember Fungia Coral is a spectacular and unique addition to any saltwater aquarium. Known for its vibrant colours and distinctive growth pattern, this coral is a favourite among reef enthusiasts seeking to add a touch of drama and natural beauty to their marine setups.

This coral species, part of the Fungia genus, is characterised by its plate-like structure and intense coloration, resembling a glowing ember. The Burning Ember Fungia thrives under moderate lighting and water flow conditions, which simulate its natural reef habitat, making it suitable for a variety of aquarium types.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Burning Ember Fungia Coral is relatively easy to care for, requiring stable water parameters and occasional feedings of plankton or other suitable coral foods. Its addition to your reef tank not only enhances the visual interest but also contributes to the ecological diversity of your aquatic ecosystem.

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