Arrowhead Crab

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The Arrowhead Crab, known as Stenorhynchus seticornis, is a distinctive and intriguing invertebrate, perfect for adding diversity and character to saltwater aquariums. This crab is known for its unique arrow-shaped body and long, slender legs, making it a captivating addition to any marine setup.

Native to reef environments, the Arrowhead Crab is an adept scavenger, feeding on a variety of detritus and algae, thereby contributing to the cleanliness and balance of the aquarium. Its diet can also be supplemented with meaty foods for optimal health.

In addition to its cleaning abilities, the Arrowhead Crab is appreciated for its interesting behaviour and interaction with the environment. It is generally peaceful but should be monitored with small, slow-moving fish or other small invertebrates. This species adds both aesthetic and functional value to your marine aquarium, making it a fascinating subject for observation and study.

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